Driving the Ford Flex in Tampa, FL means that you'll have access to numerous convenience features that make being in the vehicle fun and exciting. Rear seats in the vehicle easily fold down to allow more room for all of the cargo that you carry along with your passengers. Aside from the middle row of seats, there is a third row as well for more seating options.

Pockets are located beside the first and second rows of seats to hold everything from maps to other essentials that you might need while driving. A Power Liftgate can be opened by pressing a button on your key fob or by pressing a button inside the vehicle before you get out.

As long as you have the key with you, you can use the Push-Button Start feature. There is an option on the driver's door handle that unlocks all or one door simply by touching the handle. Brandon Ford can demonstrate how to use these features so that you don't get locked out.

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