Certified Pre-Owned Fords Go Through A Lot Before Being Sold

There is a rigorous process that any pre-owned Ford must go through before it is sold on to the next buyer. Other vehicle brands don't necessarily take the time that Ford does to ensure that even their pre-owned vehicles are top quality.

A 172-point inspection is conducted by a trained technician to spot any flaws on a vehicle that is sold back to the dealership. The purpose of this is to spot any obvious flaws that the vehicle has before it gets rolled out onto the lot for sale. The vehicle must also have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer in order to qualify.

The purpose of these restrictions is to make sure that buyers are not sold so-called "lemon" vehicles. These are vehicles that are damaged goods from the moment that they are sold. Those bring a bad name to the dealership that sells them, and Ford doesn't want to have any business in that market.

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