Ford Ranger Adventures

The Ford Ranger Adventure is a vehicle that is perfect to drive on everyday paved roads. Aside from this, it also has no problem providing you with a smooth ride once it has reached the end of those paved roads. There are many features that make the Ford Ranger Adventure a tough vehicle.

The 4x4 electronic shift-on-the-fly is one feature that makes the Ford Range Adventure unique and tough. This feature lets you choose between two four-wheel drive modes. You can also choose two-wheel drive when you are traveling on paved surfaces.

The Terrain Management System is another feature that makes the Ford Ranger Adventure such a tough vehicle. The Terrain Management System provides you with four different drive modes. The four different options are normal, gravel/snow, mud/ruts, or sand. The system shifts on the fly. By doing this, the vehicle is able to deliver optimum traction and performance.

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