Three-row SUVs truly serves a purpose because they're so versatile. The Ford Explorer is a quintessential three-row SUV to the highest degree, and it's full of practicality. You can drive this truck to formal events thanks to its class, and you can drive this truck to a nightclub thanks to its modern flare.

The exterior appearance of the Ford Explorer can be seen as fresh, dynamic, charismatic and classy. Its body molding is extremely dark, which helps to accentuate its character. This body molding floats along the wheel arches, which appear to be slightly higher than most of the competition's wheel arches. The rear of the vehicle matches the frontside quite well, which is clutter-free, and consumers can choose from a number of exterior paints that come in every color of the rainbow. The Explorer's statuesque silhouette helps to retain its classic prestige, which was seen in models of the past.

We have numerous Ford Explorers on deck for your viewing. If you're interested in test driving this SUV, then come on down and visit us.

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