Ford Technology Shines in the 2019 Ford Fusion

The 2019 Ford Fusion combines Ford's commitment to green technologies with powerful performance. Both come standard on every model of this popular midsize sedan.

The new Fusion comes with Ford's exclusive Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) that keeps the car steady at any speed while the EPAS's nibble control keeps vibrations out of the steering wheel. What that means for you is a driving experience that delivers smoothness and power under any conditions.

You also get Auto Stop-Start Technology. Exclusive to Ford, this allows the radio and temperature to stay on, while the engine shuts off, every time you step on the brakes. This reduces auto emissions without affecting your ability drive safely and comfortably.

If you'd like to learn more about the performance features of the 2019 Ford Fusion, stop in at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. Our experienced sales representatives will be happy to help you compare models and take the 2019 Ford Fusion for a test drive.

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