The Ford F-150 Has So Many Options Under the Hood

A light-duty pickup truck is supposed to be versatile enough for tough jobs in urban and rural environments. Available in seven models, the Ford F-150 defines the standards for such a vehicle. You can also select a full-size cabin that has two rows of bench seats and large storage compartments.

Six engines are available under the hood of the F-150. You can select a diesel powertrain that's impressively powerful and efficient. The patented EcoBoost engines carry out combustion through turbochargers that are engineered to spit out lots of torque. A 4x4 drive system with differential axles maximizes traction on numerous surfaces. This Ford truck comes with a 10-speed gearbox that's tuned for towing and off-road cruising.

Are you interested in leasing or buying the Ford F-150? Then stop at Brandon Ford to discuss your options. Our dealership in Tampa, FL includes the Lariat, XLT, Raptor and other trims.

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