Have You Ever Wondered What Brake Fluid Is and Why It's Important?

Brake fluid is a vital piece of your car's braking system. Without it, your car wouldn't function the way you rely on it to. Let's find out exactly what braking fluid does so that you can understand why it's so valuable.

The brake fluid in your vehicle is a non-compressible substance, capable of handling high pressure and temperatures. Now, let's explore how brake fluid works. When you press the brake pedal it compresses a piston within the car's brake caliper. This increase in compression causes the brake fluid to start moving, and the built-up pressure of the brake fluid forces the rotors to press down on the brake pads. The brake pads then press on your wheels, which reduces the wheel's rotation and slows the car down, too.

Each time you press the brake pedal, the fluid potentially comes into contact with contaminants. Eventually, the fluid degrades to the point where your car's performance suffers. When, or before, this happens, you can bring your car to the service center at Brandon Ford to get the brake fluid replaced in your vehicle.

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