It’s Just a Little Noise, What’s the Big Deal with the Exhaust?

It’s true that the muffler plays a role in keeping your vehicle’s noise under control. It’s also part of a larger, more intricate system known as the exhaust. Because cars run on a combination of fuel and air, they also produce noxious fumes.

The exhaust system begins at the engine and ends at the muffler before finally releasing the exhaust into the atmosphere. In between, it travels from the engine’s cylinders to the exhaust manifold. From there it’s analyzed by the oxygen sensor, and the harmful emissions are captured by the catalytic converter.

It’s more than just noise when your vehicle seems louder than normal. It’s an indicator that something within the exhaust system is not functioning as it should. Our technicians at Brandon Ford will be happy to help resolve the issue the next time you’re in the Tampa area. Schedule your appointment today!

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