Your Fuel Delivery System Performance Can Affect Your Gas Mileage

Under normal circumstances, the fuel delivery system in your car provides adequate amounts of gas to your motor. If and when thing begin to go wrong with your system, your gas mileage could be precipitously reduced, with expensive consequences.

Common culprits that are behind many gas mileage issues are the fuel pump and fuel system leaks. The fuel pump is the part that is responsible for driving fuel through your gas lines. As it does so, it also needs to pressurize the system. As it ages, it may lose the ability to provide adequate pressurization, and this can negatively impact gas mileage.

Fuel system leaks are another common mileage issue. While big leaks may be easy to spot and fix, smaller leaks can take a steady and costly toll on fuel stocks.

You can fight back against the effects of mileage-drain with the help of the experienced and certified fuel system technicians that we employ at our Tampa area location. For help with your mileage woes, come by our service center at Brandon Ford today for a no-obligation conversation.

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