Understanding the Labels on Motor Oil Bottles

A time comes when you need to do an oil change for your engine. However, there are a ton of different motor oils out there, and it could get confusing if you do not know what exactly you should be looking for.

Every reputable motor oil company has labels on their bottles. Besides having the API donut symbol and SL service rating, it is of the essence to pick a motor oil bottle that has the right viscosity numbers for your engine. One of the ways to determine if the motor oil is the best quality is if the oil has a starburst symbol which shows the oil passed the energy conserving test.

The other question is as to whether your engine was built to handle customized motor oils. Learn more about customized and typical motor oils by visiting our service center here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL today. The experts there would assist you in choosing the best oil for your car engine.

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