Being Able to Prevent a Potential a Blowout with Car Tires

While it might be impossible to stop a tire blowout, there are a few things that you can do to spot tire issues and reduce the chances of serious trouble on the roads. Keep these things in mind each day before you drive your vehicle.

Check the treads and side walls for signs of cracks. There should not be any cracks, especially on the side walls because it will compromise the tires strength. If cracks appear, don't delay in getting then to the tire center to be inspected.

Pay close attention to obstructions that are stuck in the tires. These might appear harmless, but remove them yourself and you risk damaging the treads. Let the experts remove and plug the tire, then tell you if the tire is still safe to be driven with the tire plug.

Visit our service center at Brandon Ford so our crew can have a closer look to make certain your tires are in excellent working condition.

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